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Voidness by DottorK Cover

Voidness (EP)

Voidness – A dark experimental Techno EP Two dark minimal techno tracks Where you can expect a constatnt hypnotic “synth hook” on a hand and a “spacial delayed lfo” on

Distorsion EP - DottorK

Distorsion (EP)

Distorsion is a “collection” of experimental Techno Tracks with different textures and ambients showing moments of peace and calm, dreams and expectations, or restlessness and rage along my way. There’s

DottorK - Ausgangsperre - Official Cover


“Ausgangsperre” Yes, with only 1 “S” In times to Stay Home i did a “happy beat” with sampled (german) voices talking about the same everybody is talking about: “Das Coronavirus!”

DottorK - Hello Coverart

Hello (Single)

After many years doing noises and being guest at little events, I’m proud to announce “Hello”, my first “official work” published on the Streaming Services. “Hello” is a soft presentation

DottorK @GaRave


Here is a part of the set I played on a Garage Rave on a private birthday Rave in Germany.The Set is available on MIXCLOUD Another time tracks selected on

DottorK - Garden Live Mix

Garden Live Mix by DottorK

A freestyle mix recorded on my Garden Live the “Red moon Night” in Summer 2018. Video on Youtube. Pure improvisation Click here to see other projects